Oxbow Adventure Package

06/22/2020 - 08/28/2020


With the Oxbow Adventure Package, you can keep learning about food, farming, nature exploration, and ways to be stewards of the land no matter where you are! 

We’ve valued the Oxbow Adventure Package at $250 with recognition that Oxbow Educators have been planning summer camp for many months and have dramatically shifted programming to provide an impactful and much-needed experience. We invite you to pay what you can on an open sliding scale with a minimum* $50/child to cover basic materials, and a maximum of $250/child to cover the full value of the program. The open sliding scale reflects Oxbow's mission to make programming as accessible as possible for campers near and far.

*No one will be turned away from accessinging the Oxbow Adventure Package! Scholarship funds are available to cover the minimum program fee - please contact us to make arrangements.


- The Oxbow Adventure Package is customizable! On the Final Registration Page under "Event Session," please check all Oxbow Adventure Package components that you'd like to receive and/or participate in. See the image below for what to look for: 






- On the Registration Summary Page where it shows you your registration information please fill out the following field with the amount you'd like to pay IN ADDITION to the $50 minimum. See the image below for what to look for:



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